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July 11, 2013
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You stood on the rooftop as you scanned the ocean, it wasn't blue at the moment as it was currently dark as the moon shone brightly in the sky, the stars twinkled. You frowned and then sighed as you looked around more.

You have been on the streets for a long as you can remember, your mother died and your father was more interested in arresting pirates than you, so you had lost your home and had been living on the streets.

You had resorted to thieving as there were no options for you, you quickly learned how to use a sword and a dagger as there was little choice and no weapons meant you could end up stabbed any time.

You sighed and then shook your head, it was a miracle you hadn't been caught at all, you thought you would be rotting in prison by now. You soon sat on the rooftop as you hugged your knees, the wind blowing through your hair as you adjusted your belt which held your sword in.

Sadly there was nobody out to rob from, you did steal from a drunken man earlier, which was good as he won't remember what happened the night before, you had stole a pocket watch and some gold coins from the man, but that was about it. You looked ahead of you as the sea wasn't rough but calm, unlike yesterday when a storm hit. You sighed to yourself.

“I better get some sleep.” You muttered.

You stood up and moved away from the rooftop and headed somewhere else, somewhere with shelter. If not, you would probably freeze to death.

~This time skip is brought to you by Mr Bunny~

You opened your eyes as your (e/c) eyes scanned the area, it was now morning, another day of thieving. You stood up and placed your (f/c) bandana on your head and securely tied it.

You adjusted your gloves and then moved away from the place you stayed the night. There were rich people about as you smirked, perfect people to steal from. You looked around, trying to find the perfect person to steal from. You spotted a large man walking with a walking stick and a few rings around him. You spotted him go down an alleyway and decided to follow him.

You smirked and silently reached for his pockets as you took out a ruby and some gold coins. You turned around and walked off and around the corner.


You made a run for it as you zigzagged through people as two Navy guards chased you, you simply smirked and continued to run faster as you easily avoided people, the Navy guards struggled to keep up with you as you had more speed than them. You came to a stop and ran down an alleyway as you then climbed some ladders and reached the top and onto a roof. You sat down and crossed your legs.

“She's gotta be around here somewhere!”

“Look for her and alert more Navy guards about the little thief.”

They split as you remained where you were. You looked to the mansion on top of the hill as your smirk grew bigger. However you spotted something in the distance as you brought your spyglass out from your bag and you peeked through it. It was a ship, it was distance but you could tell it was getting closer. You shrugged it off as a Navy ship coming back to port as you hopped to the other roof next to you.

~Mr Bunny gifts you with another time skip ^_^~

You had been doing nothing but run from the Navy. Luckily you were quick on your feet as you pressed against a wall of a building as the Navy ran past you. You sighed and wiped your forehead.

You unleaned from the wall and then sighed as you looked around, the day was getting warmer each passing second. You were about to walk off until a scream reached your ear.

“PIRATES!” A woman screamed.

You gripped the handle of your sword as people screamed and ran past the place you were hiding in. you spotted a ladder and climbed it as you knelt on the rooftop and watched at a safe distance, indeed there were pirates.

You spotted a guy with a hat on his head followed by a feather, blood red coat, you also spotted blonde messy hair and emerald eyes as those eyes stared at the Navy, you also noticed he was wearing brown trousers like you only his was more darker coloured than yours.

“Pirates! How dare you intrude on this land!” The commander of the Navy barked.

You watched in silence as you sat down.

“It's bad enough we got a little thief around.”

You rolled your eyes at that comment, as a matter of fact, you felt insulted!

He smirked. “Well we're not leaving anytime soon.”

You shivered at the British accent but hid your shiver quite well.

“Y-You're captain Arthur Kirkland.”

Your eyes widened slightly, you heard of the man before, you stood up and turned around as you ran forward and hopped off the roof.

~Mr Bunny loves the time skips ^O^~

You came to the mansion and stepped inside as the people who lived here must had gone into hiding. You walked up the stairs and into an office. You looked around and towards a painting, you could hear faint gunfire and shouts followed by swords clashing together. You took the painting off and smirked as you opened the secret door and spotted diamonds and some pearls.

“All mine.” You whispered as you stuffed the discovered treasure into the bag.

You smiled in satisfaction as you lifted the bag and over your shoulder. A hand was placed on your shoulder as you gasped and dropped the bag you had.

“Don't you mean mine.” A voice whispered in your ear.

Your eyes widened at the familiar British accent, it was him. Arthur if you remember right.

“So you're the thief they were on about.”

You said nothing and struggled to break free. He grabbed your wrists and pinned them behind your back as an arm wrapped around your neck.

“A pretty one at that.”

You blushed and continued to struggle as you tried to break free.

“Guess it's my lucky day, I get two treasures in one raid.”

Your eyes widened as you continued to struggle.

“No need to struggle.”

Your eyes widened as something hit the back of your head, hard as you blacked out. Arthur released you as you fell to the ground.
I got bored and wrote this up, people are doing this type of fic so i thought, why not so I give it a go.


Disclaimer- I do not own anything, but you do belong to England :3

Chapter 1: You're already reading it silly!
Chapter 2: [link]
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