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Navy captain Andrew was a proud man, a well respected man, nobody knew about his past, how he lived poorly with a wife and a daughter. Leaving to chase after pirates once his wife died, leaving his child to defend herself in the harsh world. Famous for capturing many pirates and bringing them to land to be executed for the public eyes to see, it was rare someone used his surname. He had grown to become a well respected Navy captain, but there was one pirate he was after, one pirate that he's obsessed over with.

Captain Arthur Kirkland.

He narrowed his eyes at that name, that name was venom to him, the one pirate that would slip through his fingers every time. Andrew stood from his desk and looked to the map on the wall next to him. Oh yes, this was the day he was going to capture that blasted pirate and his entire crew, he would have the glee of watching that pirate get executed.

The door burst open as a marine stepped inside.

“Sir! A pirate ship was spotted!”

“Who's ship?” Andrew asked.

“We do not know sir.”

“Get moving soldier! I will be up deck in a second.”

The marine saluted. “Yes sir!”

The door closed as Andrew chuckled, he hoped this would be the day that damn pirate would be captured. He walked from his cabin and opened the door as he then closed it behind him.

~Your POV.~

You were tense.

You looked at the ship as it was slowly coming closer to the ship you were on. You gripped the handle of your sword as you stared intensely at the Navy ship approaching.

“Anything wrong poppet?”

You turned your head to face Arthur as he approached you as you placed a hand on the railing and continued to stare at the ship in front of you.

“Which marine captain is the strongest you've went up against?” You asked.

“Why are you asking?”

“Just answer the damn question!” You hissed.

Arthur chuckled. “No need to get snappy love, his name is Andrew _____.”

Your breath caught in your throat to hear that name, you would be going up against the man who abandoned you, and left you to defend yourself in this harsh, cruel world. You gripped the railing until your knuckles went white.

“You know him?”

“Yeah I do, I'm ashamed to call him my father.” You told him bitterly.

“Your father, he never mentioned a daughter.”

You sneered. “That's because he abandoned me once my mother died, left me to live on the streets, left me to defend myself in this cruel and harsh world.”

“I take it you don't like him?”

“No! Why should I!”

You continued to stare at the ship as you got closer and closer to it.

“Where do they keep the treasure?” You asked.

“Below deck.” A crew member told you.

“That's all I need to know.”

The Navy fired their cannon and that is when all hell broke loose.

The cannon ball missed the boat as you looked at the attacking ship. You huffed and ran your fingers through your hair as you looked around. The Navy ship was incredibly close now. You swallowed.

“Pirates! How dare you sail these seas!”

Your breath caught in your throat to hear a familiar voice, your father. You looked to the ship, indeed it was him, standing there. Glaring at Arthur who was simply smirking.

“You don't own the sea.” Arthur told him.

You heard him growl as you crossed your arms and looked at him, oh yes, it was him alright. You narrowed your eyes at the man, to you he was nothing, you don't even consider him a father, you see him as an enemy. You saw the smirk on Arthur's face as he looked at you. You gave a small nod.

“Alright boys, you know what to do.”

The entire crew roared as you got onto the railing and jumped onto a rope dangling there as the Nave jumped onto the pirate ship. You climbed up the rope as the ship was empty. You smirked an snuck down below deck. You opened the door and spotted a passed out Navy marine with a bottle next to him. You sniggered and walked over to the chest on the other end.

You opened it as there was loads of coins, your eyes sparkled of how much there was. You stuffed all the treasure into the bag you had with you and searched everywhere for any and then tossed the two bags over your shoulder, tiptoeing passed the drunk marine as you then rushed out the door.

You hopped onto the railing and leapt back onto the pirate ship as you snuck past the fighting pirates and Navy marines as you headed below deck and placed the treasure next to the one you stole on your home island. You dusted your hands and went above deck as the Navy marines retreated back onto their own ship, there was several dead bodies lying around.

“Damn you Kirkland!” Your father yelled.

You pushed a body overboard as you then dusted your hands.

“Who are you!? Another member eh? What filth!” He sneered.

You took your bandana off as you tied it around your neck.

“You look familiar to me.”

You glared at him. “Well gee! How nice to learn you've forgotten about your own daughter!” You hissed.

His eyes widened. “_-_____!?” He asked in shock.

You let out a dramatic gasp. “You remember my name!? It's a miracle!”

Some of the pirates chuckled as you crossed your arms as the ship began to sail off.

“You're lucky I'm in a good mood!” You spat.

“We'll let you go...This time.” Arthur told him.

~Normal POV! Yay!~

Andrew watched as the ship sailed away, still in disbelief that his own flesh and blood had become a pirate, why did she do it?


Andrew quickly turned to face a pale marine.

“All the treasure is gone!” He cried.

Andrew's eyes widened. “Wh-What!?”

“Gone! All of it gone! Nothing left!”

Andrew quickly ran from where he stood and down below deck. He looked around in disbelief, there was nothing left, nothing, not even a single gold coin.

“Who could of snuck aboard so quietly?” A marine asked.

“That person was definitely part of Kirkland's crew.”

Andrew walked from below the deck and then up to the top, anger written on his face.

Arthur Kirkland would definitely pay!

~Your POV and a time skip :3~

You stood up on deck while the others were celebrating their latest victory with some rum. The wind blew through your hair as you looked up to the stars which twinkled in the night sky. You frowned as you looked around, the waves were calm as you then looked to the moon which shone in the night sky.

“Some reunion that turned out to be.” You grumbled.

You tucked some hair behind your ear and looked out to the sea as it sparkled due to the moon's rays. Your adrenalin was pumping when you went to board the Navy ship to steal, your heart raced at the thrill of stealing from other ships, this wasn't like on land, the victims were deadly and could kill you at any time. Your mother would of scolded you from stealing, but she wasn't here. It hurt you that she was not here any longer.

It gotten you angry when your own father didn't recognise you at all, only when you said that he had forgotten about his own daughter is when he remembered you.

“What ya doin out here lass?”

You turned to face a crew member as he approached you and joined you.

“Just needed fresh air.” You muttered.

“Still thinkin about your father eh?”

You frowned and crossed your arms as you then sighed.

“Tch, just thinking of how he didn't notice me, nice way to treat your daughter.”

“I'm surprised ye let him off lass.”

“Next time I won't!” You hissed.

“Feisty you are.” He teased.

You blushed. “Yeah well, better than one of those whiny girls.”

“Ya got a good point lass.”

He turned around and then went to go back indoors. Almost falling as he was a tad bit tipsy from drinking rum. You rolled your eyes but then smiled at that as you then went back to looking out the sea.

You won't deny it out loud, but maybe being a pirate won't be so bad. It might be a good experience for you, you might even become famous in a bad way and that made you fill with glee at the mere thought of becoming infamous. You sighed and turned around to go inside for the night.
Next chapter! Enjoy it, yes?

Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:
Chapter 3: You're reading it!
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Thekidwithatisum Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2015
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If my bastard father even thinks of laying a finger on Arthur i'll rip out his intestines shove them up his ass and pull them out his mouth...Pirate Iggy is MINE!...btw great story:) 
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Andrew walked from below the deck and then up to the top, anger written on his face.

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Ok, so I read a webcomic called Homestuck and the creator/evil-fucker's name is Andrew Hussie. Now I have mashed two different things!!
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(My dad's called Andrew)
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